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Important Information

Resolutions and Ordinance
On September 28, 2009 the Bozeman City Commission adopted Ordinance 1767 regulating the keeping of domestic chickens within the Bozeman city limits. The ordinance effective date is October 29, 2009. Ordinance 1767 includes a 90-day transitional period wherein current chicken keepers can make application for a chicken keeping permit. 

On October 12, 2009 the Bozeman City Commission adopted Resolution 4208 setting the fees for chicken permit applications at $25 for applicants seeking to keep between 1 and 6 chickens and $50 for those seeking to keep between 7 and 15 chickens. Please review the ordinance carefully before determining the number of chickens you apply to keep. Acceptable numbers are based on lot square footage. The minimum total lot size for the keeping of up to 4 chickens is 3000 square feet. Add a maximum of one chicken for each additional 1000 square feet of total lot size up to a maximum of 15 chickens.

Please note that with the exception of those current chicken keepers utilizing the 90-day transition period, keepers should make application to the city PRIOR to obtaining the birds. 
The following email and website are provided by the City of Bozeman to provide additional resources for Bozeman citizens interested in keeping chickens. The City does not endorse the information provided through these links nor does the City make any representation as to whether information provided ensures the keeping of chickens will be in compliance with any of the City’s legal requirements.

Email: clucmovement@googlegroups.com