Water-Wise Resources

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Need to brush up on some tips and tricks to help you become more water-wise? Learn more about the value of water and ways to conserve in and around your home, or business by checking out some of our resources and start watering smarter today!

Explore the links below for information about Bozeman's water resources, and to learn how you can do just one thing to make a difference:

Indoor Efficiency

There are lots of things that you can do to begin saving water inside your home! We've put together information about fixing leaks, replacing old, inefficient fixtures and appliances, and other tips to begin using your water more efficiently inside. Head over to our indoor efficiency section to learn more now!

Sprinkler System and Landscape Tips

We are encouraging residents to become more water smart in their watering habits and plant care! Check out our sprinkler system and landscape tips section to learn more about how to perform a sprinkler check-up, make soil amendments, and other landscaping tricks.

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Education Resources

Want to learn more about studies and plans about water efficiency? Check out our education page to check out several water-use studies, surveys, and plans. We've also got some fun videos to tell you more about the municipal water cycle - from stream intake to your faucet tap, it's always good to know where your water is coming from!