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Residential Rebates and Incentives

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Does your home receive water from the City of Bozeman? If so, upgrade to high efficiency plumbing fixtures, appliances and sprinkler system equipment -- and we’ll reward you with a cash rebate (not to mention lower water bills) for helping conserve water!

Click the drop down menu below to learn about rebates and incentives that are available to all residential customers. Reduce water use by up to 50% when swapping out for high efficiency products!

All qualifying high efficiency products are third party tested and approved to bring you not only water and cost savings, but also quality and performance!

Interested in a new high efficiency showerhead, but don't want to go to the store and submit the rebate application?  We'll swap out your showerhead for free and provide you with free faucet aerators!


Own a Business on Bozeman Water too?

Check out our Commercial Incentives page to learn about rebates and incentives available to commercial customers.

Indoor Rebate Programs
Outdoor Rebate Programs


  • How is "New Construction" defined for a sprinkler system?
  • How is "New Construction" defined for drip irrigation and drought tolerant plants?
  • Am I Eligible For a Rebate?
  • Is My Sprinkler System Eligible?
  • Are There Retrofit Requirements?
  • Which Products Are Eligible?
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