Sprinkler System Check-Up Resources

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Sprinkler System Check-Up Requirements

For those seeking rebates for a WaterSense labeled weather based irrigation controller and/or more than ten (10) MSMT nozzles, approval with a sprinkler system check-up is required.  Sprinkler system check-ups must be performed by an Approved Provider or by the prospective applicant by following the instructions at the bottom of this page for the DIY check-up.

List of Approved Sprinkler System Providers

The sprinkler system companies listed below have pledged to work with residential customers who receive water from the City of Bozeman to identify sprinkler system inefficiencies through a sprinkler system check-up and to educate customers about efficient and proper operation and maintenance of their sprinkler system.

The Approved Providers can also provide information about the available landscape and sprinkler system product rebates that the City of Bozeman is offering during the 2017 season and assist customers with the qualification process. 

The links below will direct you to the approved provider's website/contact information.  This information can also be found in the document folder at the bottom of the page.

    Drake Irrigation

    Forever Green Landscaping & Sprinklers

    Greater Gallatin Contractors

    Greenspace Landscaping, Inc.


    JD's Sprinklers


    Lawn Rain Sprinkler Systems

    Stay Green Sprinklers

    S&S Landscaping Plus

 *If you are an irrigation contractor, and are interested in becoming an Approved Provider, please contact the Water Conservation Division at 406-582-2280.

Approved Provider Sprinkler System Check-Up:

Customers working with an Approved Provider to complete their sprinkler system check-up simply need to have the Approved Provider confirm that their system is eligible for an upgrade via signing the form below.  Then, send in the completed application to the Water Conservation Division.  City staff will contact applicants when system check-ups have been verified; this is when projects should begin.

Self-Guided DIY Sprinkler System Check-Up:

For those completing a DIY Sprinkler System Check-Up Form, all fields must be filled out to the applicant's best ability (upload the form below).  The information may be verified by Water Conservation Division staff during a site inspection.  City staff will contact applicants when system check-ups have been verified; this is when projects should begin.  The following must be submitted with the check-up form before installing products / sending in a rebate application:

  1. A photo of the existing controller - specifically, a view of the inside of the controller that shows the make and model.
  2. A photo of the existing sprinkler system running - specifically, photos of zones that will be retrofitted with MSMT nozzles.
  3. A brief project description (or a sketch of the system) with proposed changes (the Site Map Form below may be helpful for completing this step).