Sprinkler System & Landscape Tips

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Bozeman is located in a semi-arid environment, receiving only 16 inches of precipitation a year. By using efficient watering techniques, water smart landscaping, and maintaining healthy soil, you can lower your water use and enjoy a beautiful yard that is in harmony with Montana's stunning beauty!

Explore the links below for information about Bozeman's water resources, and to learn fast and easy ways to save water around your yard:

Sprinkler System Assessments

Learn how to improve your irrigation system efficiency and sign up for Water Conservation staff to assess your current sprinkler system! The assessments are an effective tool to help maximize your efficiency. To learn more check out our sprinkler system assessment resources.

Do-It-Yourself Sprinkler Check Up

Interested on getting pre-approved for an outdoor rebate? Check out our sprinkler system check-up page to learn more about how you (or one of our approved providers) can help you qualify so you can get more lush for less gush!

Sprinkler System Watering Tips

We've put together some easy, rule-of-thumb tips for how to make sure your sprinkler system is looking and running its best this summer. Check out our resources on system maintenance, check-up tips, and water scheduling over on this page and do one thing to be more efficient this summer!

Landscaping Tips

Looking at planting drought-tolerant plants? Want to know more about how to water your trees? Seek no further than our landscape resources page! We've got information on how to design your gardens and lawns to be more water smart this growing season.

Soil Amendment Tips

Soil is the foundation for all plant life. Learn more about what soil is, what it's made of, and how you can provide beneficial amendments to make it more nutritionally dense for your plants here.


Don't forget to check-out our other resources below! We've got more lawn care tips and tricks to keep your yard its most healthy self - Water Smart Bozeman!