Drought Management

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What factors influence the City of Bozeman Drought Meter?

City of Bozeman drought monitoring evaluates local water supply data such as Hyalite Reservoir volume, streamflow, and snowpack as well as national climate indices to evaluate Bozeman’s drought stage.  Look for the Drought Meter on the weather page in the Friday edition of the Bozeman Daily Chronicle. 

Curious how the rest of the state is doing?  Check out the U.S. Drought Monitor to learn more.

U.S. Drought Monitor

Current U.S Drought Monitor - Montana


How is it that the City of Bozeman is experiencing normal conditions while the entire state is experiencing varying levels of drought according to the U.S. Drought Monitor? 

Fortunately, the City of Bozeman's water supplies, which include Sourdough Creek, Hyalite Creek/Reservoir, and Lyman Spring are in good shape.  Bozeman is wholly reliant on snowpack for its water supplies.  A healthy snowpack over the winter provided the City of Bozeman with sufficient water supplies throughout the hot, dry summer that Bozeman has been experiencing this year.  These local water supplies have the greatest influence on the drought monitoring tool because they are the most locally relevant indication of drought and water supply availability in Bozeman.  Generally, low soil and vegetation moisture has resulted in more severe drought conditions in many other parts of the state.    

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