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Dropcountr is a free water use portal--with a mobile app--for tracking home water use to help you save water, time, and money.  All Bozeman water customers that hold a water utility account are able to access their water use through the Dropcountr HOME portal.

HOME allows utility water customers to better understand and manage their personal water use, compare it against similar and efficient households, reach water use efficiency goals, and access valuable rebates and utility announcements.

Download Dropcountr for free from your device's app store or get started at  You will need your name and account number as it appears on your City of Bozeman utility bill.

For help setting up your account, contact

If you have specific account related questions, check out our list of FAQ's below. 


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Account Related Questions

Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • How do I access and sign up for Dropcountr?

  • What do I need to register for Dropcountr?

  • Can more than one person have access to the same Dropcountr account?

  • Do I have to enter information about my residence to use Dropcountr?

  • I don’t want to receive email or text notifications anymore – how can I turn my notifications off?

  • I rent and my water bill is paid by my landlord/property manager – can I use Dropcountr?

  • My HOA pays for my water bill – can I see information linked to just my home?

  • I’ve moved – what do I do?

  • How do I cancel my account?

  • Can City of Bozeman staff delete an inactive Dropcountr account?

  • I’m having technical difficulties with the app or website – help!

Renter Account Questions

Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • My water bill is addressed to my property manager/HOA, can I sign up for Dropcountr?

  • I’m a renter and want to access my landlord’s Dropcountr account – can you clear their information so I can login with my email?

  • I’m a landlord and want access to Dropcountr for my rental property, but it’s telling me an account already exists! Can you help me?

  • I am a renter, but don’t pay my water bill, can I sign up for Dropcountr?

  • I am a renter and receive and pay the water bill for my residence, can I sign up for Dropcountr?

HOME Portal Related Questions

Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • How does Dropcountr have access to my water use information?

  • Is my information secure?

  • How is my water-use goal calculated?

  • How does Dropcountr determine similar households to compare me to?

  • What are considered efficient households?

  • Why is my monthly water use shown in a darker color as I use more water?

  • Why do I only see monthly water usage in Dropcountr?

  • Why doesn't my account regularly show daily water usage?

  • I didn't use any water at X time - why does Dropcountr show that I did?

  • Can I get a new water meter, so that I will be able to see hourly water use?

  • How does Dropcountr determine whether or not I have a leak?