Hotel and Multi-Family Rebate Program

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The City of Bozeman is offering rebates and services to help local hotels, condominiums, and apartments save water. Lower your property’s water and energy costs by taking a step towards being more water efficient. The Bozeman Water Conservation Division’s rebate incentives and services are designed to help!



Bozeman’s commercial rebates can help you save both water and money. To apply for a rebate, schedule a visit with Bozeman’s Water Conservation staff to assess your business’s appliances and fixtures and see what you qualify for!


The City will replace your current showerheads with WaterSense® labeled high efficiency models, free of charge! Contact us for free, polished chrome showerheads that not only look nice, but save money without sacrificing performance.


The City is giving away faucet aerators to hotels and multi-family residences on City water!


The City is offering two separate toilet rebate amounts depending on the toilet being replaced. For every toilet that was installed prior to 1996, you will receive up to $125 rebate to install a WaterSense® labeled models in its place. If the toilet that is being replaced was installed after 1996, you can receive up to $50 for each toilet swapped out for a WaterSense® labeled high efficiency model. Not sure when your toilet was installed? Give us a call or shoot us an email!


For a limited time only, the City is offering up to $300 for every qualifying urinal that is replaced with a WaterSense® labeled pint flush urinal.  


To apply for the Hotel and Multi-Family Rebate Program, you will need to schedule a visit with a member of the Water Conservation staff. This service is free of charge and available to any hotel, motel, or multi-family property owners receiving City of Bozeman water. At the time of the visit, we will identify qualifying products, recommend water efficiency improvements, and walk you through the rebate application process!



Do you use City water to irrigate your property? If so, check out our Landscape and Sprinkler System Rebate Program and get cash back for installing high efficiency sprinkler nozzles, smart controllers, rain sensors, drip irrigation and even drought tolerant plants!  Give us a call to schedule a free sprinkler system assessment too and we can help you identify needs of system repair and create a customized watering schedule for your property.



Feel free to contact the Water Conservation Division with any questions at either (406) 582-3220, or