Water Conservation

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 Free Water Challenges and Activities for Kids!

Keeping those pearly whites clean shouldn’t be a drain. Reduce your water use and pump up the family fun with these habit-honing family activities. Challenge your family to shorten their showers, brush better, and reduce your indoor water use!

Are you ready for the challenge? Let's go! Put your water smarts to the test and check-out the Brush Better Family Challenge and Shower Better Challenge! Every Drop Counts!

Then, take the next step in being a water smart Bozeman kid by learning about Bozeman's water supply and snowpack while playing fun games with the Snow Science Activity!

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Perched at the headwaters of the Missouri River Basin, Bozeman enjoys extremely high-quality water, almost straight from the source.

2017 COB WC Drought Icons BLUE-01 (Custom) Although our water is high quality, quantity is limited.  With only 16 inches of average precipitation annually, Bozeman's considered semi-arid and drought-prone. 

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Bozeman relies on snowpack for its water supply. 80% of our city's water comes from snowmelt in the Gallatin Range which feeds Sourdough Creek and Hyalite Reservoir. The other 20% comes from a developed spring at the headwaters of Lyman Creek. 
2017 COB WC Drought Icons BLUE-03 (Custom) But, with shifting climate patterns, our water supplies are likely to become less reliable. In the future, more moisture is expected to arrive as rain instead of snow. On top of that, warmer temperatures will lead to earlier peak flows and drier summers. 
2017 COB WC Drought Icons BLUE-04 (Custom) Plus, Bozeman is booming; growing at a rate far above the national average. More people will need more water, and eventually these supplies won't be enough.
2017 COB WC Drought Icons BLUE-05 (Custom) In fact, Bozeman could be facing a water shortage in the next 20 years. The City has identified water conservation as the single largest source of water for Bozeman's future.
2017 COB WC Drought Icons BLUE-06 (Custom) Water conservation creates additional supplies by reducing water used in and around homes and businesses.
2017 COB WC Drought Icons BLUE-07 (Custom) It's the cheapest, most expedient and environmentally friendly way to thrive through drought, and to ensure a reliable water supply for the future.