Fascinating Facts

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  • How many miles of sewer main do we maintain?

    200.88 miles of sewer main from the connection on your property to the Wastewater Treatment Plant located on Springhill Road.

  • How many miles of water mains does it take to bring potable water to Bozeman residents?

    Water and Sewer division is responsible for conveying potable water through 253 miles of water mains from the Sourdough and Lyman Creek Water Treatment plants.

  • How much of the Water and Sewer infrastructure is our division responsible for?

    Water and Sewer Division personnel maintain, repair and oversee ALL new and existing water and sewer infrastructure. This is one busy bunch.

  • Who can I contact regarding my water or sewer bill?

    For questions regarding billing, please contact our billing office at city hall by calling 406-582-2328.

  • Why is there a Water/Sewer van moving slow past my residence?

    Your contact with the Water and Sewer Division is most likely with the Water Meter Reader. Water Division staff strive to read all meters accurately every month via Radio Read and to resolve meter reading problems as quickly as possible.