Residential Energy Efficiency

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Residential energy use accounts for almost a quarter of the City of Bozeman's greenhouse gas emissions. 2016 Bozeman Greenhouse gas emissions by sector

Your individual actions can save you money on your utility bills, and can have a significant impact in helping the City of Bozeman meet our Climate Action Plan goals and reduce emissions. 

Residential energy use includes heating and cooling your home, lighting, cooking, appliances, and powering all of your electronic devices. 

Check out these Top 10 Home Energy and Efficiency Hacks for simple no- to low-cost actions you can take to start saving energy and money immediately.

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 Use these checklists for more ideas on how you can save energy in your home:

If you are building a new home, use this guide for energy code guidance:


Resources for residential new construction

Building a new home? Consider Net Zero Energy, Net Zero Energy ready, or Passive House design to build the most efficient home from the beginning.

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The City of Bozeman is committed to providing energy efficiency resources, education, rebates and incentives in partnership with the Montana Department of Environmental Quality and NorthWestern Energy.

*NorthWestern Energy provides free energy appraisals to residential utility customers to identify electric conservation opportunities and a greater understanding of how their operation and maintenance strategies can affect their utility charges. Some restrictions apply. Call (800) 823-5995 for details.