Bozeman Climate Partners

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The Bozeman Climate Partners is an energized citizen working group supporting the good conservation work being done in Bozeman and the efforts to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our Vision

The Bozeman Climate Partners endeavors to inspire, focus and tap the vast reservoir of talent and knowledge of our community, with the goal of reducing Bozeman’s carbon footprint.

The time for action is now. We know that reducing greenhouse gas emissions can only be reached through a large array of individual and community actions large and small, minor and difficult. We seek to make choosing low-carbon options easier and more appealing for our community.

The Bozeman Climate Partners is an inclusive group. It seeks to represent the true spirit of our mountain community, in all its energy, sense of responsibility for our future, and beauty.

Why Bozeman Climate Partners, you may ask?

Because our friends, neighbors, local businesses, and the good folks at the city are already laying the groundwork, and now we’re poised to take off. The only piece missing is you! Be a part of creating a better Bozeman, connecting with others who care, and taking action to reduce our community’s carbon footprint, now and for future generations.

Meetings, Agendas and Minutes

The Bozeman Climate Partners Working Group meets the fourth Thursday of each month from 2:00pm-3:30pm in the Madison Room at Bozeman City Hall, 121 N. Rouse Ave.

Agendas & Minutes

Bozeman Climate Partners Members

  • Susan Bilo (Citizen-at-large)
  • Kathy Powell (Citizen-at-large)
  • Jay Sinnott (Citizen-at-large)
  • Kristen Walser (Citizen's Climate Lobby)
  • Carson Taylor (Citizen-at-large)
  • Terry Cunningham (Commission liaison)
  • Natalie Meyer (City Sustainability Program Manager)
  • Heather Higinbotham (City Energy Conservation Technician)