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 The City of Bozeman Sustainability Office collaborates with residents, businesses, and organizations to inspire action and reduce the community’s carbon footprint now and for future generations.

Bozeman Climate Plan

The City of Bozeman is working to develop a Climate Plan to serve as a comprehensive strategy for addressing climate change in Bozeman. The plan will identify strategies and actions to reduce our community’s greenhouse gas emissions and build resiliency to the impacts of climate change.

Commercial Energy Efficiency

The City of Bozeman is ready to help local businesses reduce their energy bills and improve their cash flow with the Bozeman Energy Project, and is offering cash incentives to businesses for implementing energy efficiency projects. 

Residential Energy Efficiency 

Residential energy use accounts for 23% of the City's community greenhouse gas emissions. The City offers resources and tips for no-cost to investment-level energy efficiency upgrades to save you money and help us meet our climate action goals. 

Climate Change in our region

What are some anticipated impacts from climate change to Bozeman and our region? What is the City of Bozeman doing to address climate change? 

Climate Action Plans & Policies

Bozeman Climate Partners

Want to get engaged with Bozeman sustainability efforts? The Bozeman Climate Partners is a citizen working group providing input on sustainability and climate-related initiatives. 

Bozeman Solar Project

In 2016, the City of Bozeman partnered with NorthWestern Energy and Montana State University to install a 385 kW utility-scale solar array at the water reclamation facility.