Street Reports

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Welcome to the Bozeman Street Report website

Through this page you can find information about long-term street construction and closures around town during these summer months!


How do you find out which streets, sidewalks and trails are impacted, and when?

  •  Follow us on Twitter and Facebook @BZNStreetReport
  •  Listen for our updated weekly radio spots on local radio stations.
  •  Watch Montana This Morning or visit
  •  See below for a list of long-term street projects. Each project includes an outline of the reason for the project, timeline, who is responsible (city, MDT, private developer, etc.), and contact number to call for more detailed information.

A few notes:

  •  We will report on projects, closures, and detours that we are aware of. This website is not updated daily (in real time), but we will do our best to keep Facebook and Twitter updated daily.
  •  Main Street, Rouse, North 19th, and North 7th are state roadways and are maintained by the Montana Department of Transportation. We will include closures and detours for those streets as information is available to us.
  •  Some projects by private developers, Northwestern Energy, or other entities may not be reported to us and therefore are not included in our street reports.

Street Construction Safety Tips

  •  Slow down in construction zones and obey posted speed limits
  •  Watch for signs and flaggers
  •  Plan ahead for possible delays
  •  Consider alternative routes

 Latest Street Report Update (check below): 

1. Rouse Reconstruction
2. Cottonwood Road Construction
3. Durston Widening
4. 3rd & Graf Roundabout
5. Front Street Sewer
6. Norton Sewer and Davis Lift Station
7. Water Renovations
8. Manley Road Reconstruction
9. 2020 Curb Replacements
10. Mill & Overlays
11. Chip Seals
12. Oak & 27th Signal Installation
13. S. 19th Widening
14. Cattail Street Roundabout
15. N. 5th Ave Reconstruction


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