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Where do we plow? When do we plow?

Are you a neighbor wondering when we plow residential streets? Or maybe you want to  know what the deal is with parking your car street-side during the winter months? Learn more about snow plowing

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Snow routes are prioritized as listed below.

  • The colored routes on this map are the first to be cleared after a snow event.
  • Crews finish most routes between 3:00 AM – 8:00 AM, unless it is heavy deep snow.
  • These arterial and collector streets are prioritized because they see heavier traffic and emergency personnel use. 
  • Subdivisions and residential streets are not plowed until four or more inches have fallen, and many additional factors are taken into account when prioritizing these routes.
  • Multi-colored “Piggybacked routes” are completed by multiple trucks working in tandem.
  • Streets with BLUE signs are privately maintained.  MDT maintains Main/Huffine, N 19th, N Rouse, & N 7th