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Welcome to Bozeman Street Report! This is the place to get the scoop on how the City of Bozeman is working to keep you driving, biking and strolling safely on our streets year round.

 With winter upon us, that means an average of 85 inches of snow and ice on our roadways and sidewalks. We are out plowing, but snow removal from the streets and sidewalks of Bozeman is just plain hard work that requires a community effort. How can you help?

 • Become familiar with the snowplowing route map . Not all streets within our City limits are plowed by City plows (yellow plows). Montana Department of Transportation (orange plows) take care of Main Street, North 19th, 7th, and Rouse. Private companies also clear snow in some subdivisions.

 • Know who plows your street. If your street sign is green, the City of Bozeman will be plowing (yellow plow). If your street sign is blue at the entrance of your subdivision, your HOA has contracted a private company to plow.

 • Move your car off the street. If you have a drift boat or camper stored on the street, please move it off the street for the winter. If you’re going out of town for the holidays, please don’t leave your car on the street as you’ll likely come back to both a major snow shoveling job and a parking ticket.  And if you can, park off the street or at least move your car every 48 hours so our plows can quickly and efficiently plow the street.

 • Good Shovels = Good Neighbors. If you own your home, please clear your sidewalk within 24 hours of snowfall. If you rent or lease your home, your landlord may have transferred shoveling responsibilities to you.

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