Ready for a little spring (street) cleaning? We are! Our street cleaning crew is coming through to de-gunk the gutters and drains - help us by watching for our signs and moving your vehicle when the time comes. Banner

Spring Sweeping

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2020 Spring Sweeping Project is scheduled to begin.

We have made significant changes to the schedule for the Spring Cleanup, please view the schedules to see if your street was affected. Thanks!  More updates were completed on the schedule as of April 18th, please check your street to see if it was affected.  Thanks!

 The City of Bozeman Street Department has scheduled the spring sweeping of residential streets within the city. The sweeping occurs to prevent the storm drains from plugging with the sand that is put down during the winter months for ice control.   

CStreet Sweeper sweeping the streetrews will start in the subdivisions on Monday, April 20th and in the core area on Monday, April 27th.

To avoid disrupting school activities during the week, the crews are scheduled to sweep around Irving, Whittier, Hawthorne, Longfellow, Emily Dickenson, and Morning Star schools on Saturday, May 2nd.

To assist the crews in completing this project please have your vehicles, trailers and all other items removed from the street by 6:00am on the day your street is scheduled to be swept. If the sweepers have to maneuver around objects we will not be able come back later to sweep the areas that were blocked. The residential streets are not scheduled to be swept again until fall.

Subdivision Sweeping: In the past the street crews have not signed subdivisions for street maintenance but this year they may sign some streets depending on the amount of debris and the number of vehicles parked on the street. If Street Maintenance Signs are installed they will be put up by noon the day prior to the streets being swept.

Core Area Sweeping:The Street Department Crews do install Street Maintenance Signs in these areas by noon the day prior to the street sweeping. This schedule can change at any time, if there are signs up on days other than what the schedule says please do not park were signed. Once the street signs have been removed, you can once again park in that area.

Please feel free to call 406-582-3202 with any questions or concerns regarding this project.


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