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Don’t Duck the Truck!

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What’s Plowed, and When?

  • Arterial and collector streets are cleared first
  • Residential streets are plowed once four inches or more of snow has accumulated on the street, arterial and collector streets are plowed first and then plows will move to business and commercial areas, and finally residential streets and neighborhoods
  • City Plows will return to plow the arterial and collector street as more snow accumulates on those streets before moving on to other areas, they may plow the arterial and collector streets several times in one day depending on the severity of the snow event
  • Not all roads are plowed by the City of Bozeman
    • N. 19th, N 7th, N. Rouse, and Main St/Huffine are all designated state roadways and are plowed and maintained by the Montana Department of Transportation (orange trucks). For questions or concerns about those roads, call 406-556-4700Streets with BLUE street signs or streets marked “private” have plowing managed by an HOA or a private plow company. Contact your HOA for more information
    • Streets with BLUE street signs or streets marked “private” have plowing managed by an HOA or a private plow company. Contact your HOA for more information.
    • MSU Streets are maintained by MSU Facilities and they can be reached at 406-994-2107
    • Streets within the city limits but not annexed into the city are maintained by Gallatin County and they can be reached at 406-582-3250

Snow Removal Map

How Do We Plow? 

  • City snow plows are YELLOW, Montana Department of Transportation and Gallatin County plows are ORANGE
  • City snow plows are on call 24/7 to keep streets safe during the winter months. Snow plows will start plowing as early as 3 AM if snow has accumulated on the streets and will continue throughout the day and night as needed
  • City Street Department uses more than just the yellow snow plows to keep streets clear and safe
    • Yellow Snow Plows: Remove snow from arterial and collector streets and spread sand/salt mixture, a 90/10 ratio, at intersections and stop signs
      • Sand/salt is spread to give your vehicle as much traction as possible. Make sure to drive safely and always give yourself lots of room to come to a stop during winter weather
      • Salt is added otherwise the sand pile will freeze and not distribute on the roadway
    • Motor graders: Plow residential streets. Graders have special “snow gates” that drop down before driveways, mailboxes, and intersections to minimize the “plowing in” of those areas. Snow gates can only hold a limited amount of snow, with heavy and particularly deep snow some snow will fall over the snow gate leaving snow in those areas, if there are parked cars near driveways and mailboxes during snow plowing, graders will not be able clear the snow effectively leaving snow that they cannot reach.
    • Mini loader: Can be used in tandem for residential plowing with motor graders (as staffing allows), used to help clear driveways and mailboxes when there’s so much snow that it boils over the snow gate
    • Ice slicer truck: Distributes a naturally occurring salt with an anti-corrosive additive added to it. This truck is used in the downtown area: Mendenhall/Babcock from 11th to Wallace, as well as Olive and Lamme  

Grader snow gate carrying snow

Parking on the Street

  • If you park on the street please move your car every 72 hours at a minimum. It may be ticketed or even towed
  • Park your car off-street if possible, especially when snow is predicted
  • Planning to be out of town for a long period of time? Arrange to park your car off of city streets to avoid being ticketed or towed
  • If your vehicle is towed, investigate immediately, charges will accumulate on a daily basis
  • For any questions about parking contact the Parking Manager at 406-582-2903

Shoveling Your Sidewalk

  • Sidewalk clearing is the responsibility of the homeowner
  • Residential sidewalks must be clear within 24 hours of snowfall and commercial sidewalks must be clear by 9 AM

We love snow, but we know it can cause accidents too – fender benders, slips and falls. Help us keep city streets and sidewalks safe this winter by moving your car for the plows and clearing your sidewalk after each snowfall.

 See below for Interactive Snow Removal Route map. 

View full size mapping application HERE

Snow routes are prioritized as listed below.

  • The colored routes on this map are the first to be cleared after a snow event.
  • Crews finish most routes between 3:00 AM – 8:00 AM, unless it is heavy deep snow.
  • These arterial and collector streets are prioritized because they see heavier traffic and emergency personnel use. 
  • Subdivisions and residential streets are not plowed until four or more inches have fallen, and many additional factors are taken into account when prioritizing these routes.
  • Multi-colored “Piggybacked routes” are completed by multiple trucks working in tandem.
  • Streets with BLUE signs are privately maintained.  MDT maintains Main/Huffine, N 19th, N Rouse, & N 7th