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Design Guidance
BMP Manual

Montana Post-Construction Stormwater BMP Design Guidance Manual - This cities of Montana prepared this manual to assist planning and engineering professionals with selecting, designing, constructing, and maintaining post-construction stormwater features. The information presented in the manual is the result of extensive research and the combined expertise of stormwater professionals in Montana and throughout the United States. Please contact the Stormwater Division with questions.







Example Projects

Date Completed: 2019

Location: East Mason Street and South Tracy Avenue. 

Description: Boulevard infiltration gallery




Date Completed: 2017

Location: East Valley Center and Catamount

Description: Permeable pavers and bioretention swale



Date Completed: April 2018

Location: North 7th Avenue and  West Peach Street

Description: Permeable paver boulevard, street trees, and underground soil vaults.

Image 3

Date Completed: October 2017

Location: City Hall

Description: Permeable paver patio area and  drought tolerant landscaping. 

 Bozeman City Hall

Date Completed: Summer 2016

Location: Cannery District Development

Description: Parking lot island bioretention swale

Parking Island Swale