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News, Events, and Things We Like

January 28, 2018 - We recently updated the City's  Stormwater Management Plan, including the addition of a Sampling and Evaluation section. Members of the public can view the document and provide comments to City Staff by clicking the following links:

November 11, 2017 - We recently completed the City’s first Sediment Management Facility! Moving forward, Stormwater Operations Staff will use the Facility to dump and filter turbid water, sediment and other pollutants collected during inlet, pipe, and treatment system cleaning. The Facility will facilitate the accumulation, drying, and eventual landfill disposal of over 100 tons of debris annually, saving it from ending up in local rivers. Central Excavation, the City's contractor, prepared the video below, which gives a great overview of the project.


November 1, 2017 -  We are excited to announce an upcoming professional development, training, and networking opportunity. The Montana Department of Environmental Quality is hosting a stormwater conference in Bozeman next spring. Please see below for details or click the image to access the conference's website.  See you there!





October 1, 2017 - We are always looking for new and innovative approaches for educating residents on important issues. We recommend you scroll through the application below to learn some interesting information regarding dog waste and its impact in Bozeman. A big thank you to the City's GIS Division for developing the viewer. 


March 1, 2017 - We were recently featured in a national stormwater publication for our work in local classrooms in partnership with Project WET, which is a globally recognized nonprofit working to educate the world on the importance of clean water. Please click the following image to read the article.

Stormwater Magazine Image