Parade and Public Assembly Permits

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The City of Bozeman Public Works Department issues two types of permits for events. Permits are required when 75 or more people are expected to be in attendance or when events will utilize and/or impact the public right-of-way. Parade permits are required for parades, runs, walks, marches, or generally any event that will NOT remain in one location. Public Assembly permits are required for gatherings of people at one location. 

Open Container Waivers are a separate permit. They are required for events that are open to the public or occur in a location generally open to the public where alcohol will be served or sold. 

If you have questions regarding hosting an event in Bozeman, please contact the City Public Works Department at 406-582-2273 or 

Events in City Parks: 

If you are hosting an event in a city park, you may be required to submit two permits, one to the Public Works Department and one to the Recreation Department. If the event will remain in the park for the duration of the event, you only need to submit a permit through Recreation. If the event involves a run or walk that will leave the park and take place on public streets or sidewalks, you will need to submit an application to Recreation and another to Public Works. The Recreation Department reviews items related to the park while Public Works is concerned with the safety of your participants on the public streets and sidewalks. This is the reason for the separate reviews. If you have questions about using a City park or renting a recreational facility, please contact the Recreation Department at 406-582-2290 or visit their website


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