Downtown Sidewalk Encroachment Permit Program

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The City's Downtown Sidewalk Encroachment Permit Program allows downtown businesses to utilize the sidewalks in front of their businesses for advertising, special events, beautification, and other purposes. This program was created to develop a fair and equitable program that will enhance the overall appearance, ambiance and environment of the downtown business district. It was updated in November 2019 to better ensure that downtown remains accessible to pedestrians. A permit is required prior to placing any encroachments on the sidewalk. 

Several significant changes were made to the program. The City created 3 sidewalk zones: the furnishing zone, the pedestrian zone, and the frontage zone. These zones distinguish the locations on the sidewalk where certain activities/encroachments can take place. The frontage zone, the location closest to the building, is where business encroachments are permitted. The size of this zone will vary based on what encroachments exist in the furnishing zone, the area closest to the curb. See the FAQs below for more information on these zones.

Other changes to the program include the creation of a corner triangle area at intersections. Encroachments are not permitted within this area so as to keep pedestrian ramps in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. This update also increased the permit fee from $10 to $50 and requires that fenced cafe seating areas are removed from the sidewalks between November 1 and April 1. 


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