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Bozeman Police Philosophy and Standard Code of Conduct

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From Bozeman Police Chief Steve Crawford:

With regard to the George Floyd in-custody death in Minneapolis, we are dismayed and deeply troubled by what occurred and what we saw on that video. There is no justification for the actions of the now former officer, nor for the failure of the other officers at the scene to intervene, that resulted in Mr. Floyd’s tragic death.

Our organization values the sanctity of human life and the importance of treating all persons with dignity and respect and this act was none of that. Bozeman has recently gathered to voice its commitment to being a safe, welcoming, and inclusive community. As a profession, we are sworn to protect our communities and all of those within. Please know that your police department is committed to keeping Bozeman safe in partnership with all our fellow community members.

Understandably, we have received numerous questions regarding the philosophy and specific training that our officers receive related to topics such as de-escalation, anti-racial profiling and use of force. Below are answers to most of the frequently asked questions. We hope this will serve to instill confidence in us as your police department and in the men and women who faithfully do their job in this community each day.

Thank you,

Chief Steve Crawford


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the Bozeman Police Department have a body camera requirement for its officers?
2. What steps is the Bozeman Police Department taking to ensure the officers hired do not have bias?
3. Does the Bozeman Police Department have anti-racism training in place for its officers?
4. Does the Bozeman Police Department plan to take a stand against excessive use of force against minorities in our community?
5. What training systems are currently required of the Bozeman Police Department to ensure de-escalation and to prevent over use of force against minorities?
6. What proactive steps has the Bozeman Police Department taken to ensure that police officers have a positive relationship with minorities in our community?
7. What else guides or tells officers how they are supposed to treat people?