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     The Detective Division is responsible for investigating felony criminal activity including crimes against persons, sexual offenses, crimes against children, internet crimes, felony property crimes, and other complex investigations.

    Additionally, detectives are also responsible for conducting public education presentations, performing background investigations on prospective employees, carrying out internal affairs investigations, and assisting the patrol division and other agencies with investigations.

     The detective division is also the primary liaison point for investigations requiring a collaborative effort with state and federal agencies.

     Aside from the detectives assigned to specifics units, the division consists of a sergeant, a captain, and various support staff.

Support Staff

Police Information Manager
     A Police Information Manager helps with incoming calls, criminal histories and transcription needs, and intelligence gathering related to overall investigations. This specialist helps gather critical intelligence that is shared with local law enforcement and other agencies to help with all aspects of investigation.  The specialist also assists in court releases of confidential criminal justice information. 

Evidence Technician
     The Bozeman Police Department shares costs and evidence processing and control with the Gallatin County Sheriff's Department for the evidence technician position. This person is responsible for accountability of all evidence seized by both departments. The technician also assists in crime scene processing, with specialized training in latent print gathering and comparison, violent crime investigation, biological evidence gathering techniques, and other areas of evidence retrieval.

     In 2002, both departments received money from a Local Law Enforcement Block Grant to equip an evidence van for major crime scene processing and proper evidence security. With the materials and technical equipment put into the van, our technician is able to process crime scenes ranging from locating potential evidence for DNA comparison at a sexual assault scene, to handling a homicide scene or fatality accident. This enables the detectives to focus their efforts on interviewing involved parties and to quickly track down potential leads in a case.


Detective Units

School Resource Officers


school resource officer teaching children      In partnership with the Bozeman School District, our department continues to ensure the safety and education of over 6,500 children in our schools. We have four School Resource Officers assigned to these duties full-time, with the funding being shared with the school district.

     The goals of the School Resource Program are to collaboratively work with educators, students, parents, and the community to provide a safe school environment, and offer law-related educational programs in the schools in an effort to reduce crime, drug abuse, and violence. Two of our SROs are assigned to the Bozeman High School and focus on their needs. The remaining two are assigned to cover the two middle schools and 8 elementary schools with a higher focus on education.

     Our department’s role within the school district has evolved dramatically over the past few years, with additional focus on complex case investigations, student risk assessments, and school safety plans. When school is not in session, these officers assist with investigations, update safety assessments, teach the "Run, Lock, Fight" to school staff, and assist with the Junior Police Leadership Academy at the Montana Law Enforcement Academy in Helena.


Crimes Against Persons Detectives


     The detectives who work cases involving crimes against people investigate crimes such as assaults, sexual crimes, homicides, and any other crime in which someone was injured.

Unfortunately, these cases frequently involve children.

     In addition to the investigation of these cases, these detectives are also responsible for ensuring all violent, sexual and sexually violent offenders residing in the city limits of Bozeman have registered a current address with our department. Registration ensures that the department has current photographs, fingerprints, DNA samples, and a current address of subjects living in our area that are convicted of qualifying offenses. The registration process also ensures this information is available to the public. For more information on this requirement, please visit the Montana Department of Justice offender web site.

Missouri River Drug Task Force


packaged marijuana

The Bozeman Police Department currently allocates full-time detectives to the Missouri River Drug Task Force

 (MRDTF) for the investigation of state and federal drug-related offenses occurring in southwestern Montana.

MRDTF Detectives from Gallatin, Meagher, Park, Broadwater, and Lewis and Clark counties join agents from the DEA, FBI, and Homeland Security to cooperatively investigate drug possession, distribution, manufacture, and trafficking crimes involving controlled substances such as methamphetamine, cocaine, ecstasy, heroin, prescription drugs, marijuana, and their associated derivatives.

MRDTF works closely with both State and Federal prosecutors, submitting cases for consideration at both the State and Federal levels.

Computer Crime Unit


Montana Crimes Against Children logo

     The Computer Crime Unit of the detective division is a part of the Montana Internet Crimes Against Children Task

     ICAC was established in October of 2007 through a grant from the United States Department of Justice. ICAC is currently comprised of federal, state and local law enforcement agencies and works closely with other task forces established nationally and internationally to target offenders that sexually exploit children. Force (ICAC).

     The Bozeman Police Department has been an active part of ICAC. The MT ICAC Task Force not only is involved in proactive law enforcement, but also works with the public to provide Internet safety presentations in Montana schools and to the general public. The safety presentations include safety measures for children and parents about the internet, ideas of things they may encounter on the internet, information of how to report suspicious internet activity, and internet links for children and parents to access for further information.

For more information please visit the Montana ICAC Facebook site.


Crimes Against Property Detectives


broken window

     The property crimes detectives investigate numerous types of cases including burglaries, financial crimes, felony thefts, various kinds of fraud, and any other crimes that involve property.

     The detectives that work these cases have specialized training regarding how to investigate financial crimes, handwriting analysis, crime scene investigation, arson investigations, and many other types of specific crimes.

     They work closely with institutions such as local retailers, banks and financial institutions, and pawn shops.