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     The City of Bozeman's Code Compliance Officers address City and State ordinances and codes as they relate to the health, safety and general quality of life concerns of our residents, neighborhoods, and community.

Below are some of the most common issues handled by the Code Compliance Officers. Please call us at 406-582-2222 or click the green Contact Enforcement Officer button if you have any further concerns.

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Common Code Compliance Issues

Branches Over Sidewalks
     The limbs or branches of a tree or bush may not extend over any public sidewalk at a height of less than seven feet (section 16.04.010). Not only does this code keep our sidewalk accessible, it is also a safety issue, considering how unsafe it may be for an adult or a child to have to walk into the roadway to go around a blocked sidewalk.
Building Code Compliance

 Due to the technical nature of dealing with compliance with building codes, this is handled by a separate code compliance officer. To view more information, head over to the Building Department's Code Compliance page. 

Street Vision Issues

Section 38.24.110 of the Bozeman Municipal Code specifically spells out the requirements regarding "street vision triangles."

     Essentially, a "vision triangle" is an area on each corner of an intersection that guarantees visibility for traffic approaching that intersection. Within that triangle, there can be nothing except one single stem tree above 30" high. Different types of streets have different sizes of triangle, so refer to the code for specific sizes.

Business Licenses

Chapter 12 of the Bozeman Municipal Code requires that businesses operating within the City obtain a yearly business license.

This generally includes all permanent and temporary businesses.

Each license is valid for a year and must be renewed by February 15 of the next calendar year.

Fence Concerns
Section 38.23.130 of the Bozeman Municipal Code describes the regulations regarding fences within the City of Bozeman. There are regulations regarding height, placement, construction, maintenance, and materials. Please refer to the code itself for the specifics regarding each category.
Illegal Garbage Dumping

    The Code Compliance Officers strive to improve the quality of life in Bozeman by handling complaints of illegal dumping. They deal with everything from dumped furniture to discarded pallets to piles of garbage.

After working to identify the property owners, they will ensure the items are removed.

Junk Vehicles On Private Property

     According to the Bozeman Municipal Code, rusted, wrecked, junked, partially dismantled, or inoperative vehicles may not be left on private property for more than 72 hours.

This does not apply if the vehicle is enclosed or if it part of a legal and license business.

Noise Issues

     Noise issues can include many different types of things. The noise issues typically handled by the Code Compliance Officers include such things as commercial vehicles routinely making too much noise, unreasonable building noise coming from a construction site, and ongoing noise at public events.

For noises due to such things as loud parties, please contact the Bozeman Police Department at 582-2000.

Nuisance Properties

      In Bozeman, a "Public Nuisance" is generally defined as a building or structure that is unsafe or a hazard which creates a potential danger to life, property, or health. It can also include such things as attractive nuisances and buildings or places in such disrepair that other crimes end up occurring. Unsecured abandoned houses and properties with excessive garbage and/ or vehicles could fall into this category.

     Generally, "public nuisances" in Bozeman are investigated as a part of an overall nuisance property. The code compliance officers will take an overall look at the condition of the property and evaluate the various "nuisance" components on the property before making a determination.

Permanent Sign Concerns

     There are numerous regulations regarding permanent signage within the City of Bozeman. Most of these regulations are jointly handled by licensing staff, zoning staff, planning staff, building staff, and Code Compliance Officers.

Sidewalk Snow Removal

     Bozeman Municipal Code states that every owner of land within the city fronting or abutting a paved sidewalk shall remove and clear away, or cause to be removed and cleared away, any snow and ice from that portion of the sidewalk.

     All snow and ice must be removed from sidewalks in all business districts within the city by 9:00 a.m. of the next business day, by 12:00 noon of the next non-business day, or within four business hours after any snow or ice deposit, whichever period is shorter.

     All snow and ice shall be removed from all other sidewalks within the City within the first 24 hours after any snow or ice deposit. Our code compliance officers spend considerable time notifying property owners of their duty to remove snow from sidewalks. If the property owner does not complete the chore, the Bozeman Municipal Code further allows the City to hire a contractor to complete the task, then charge the property owner. 

Street Encroachment Issues

"Street encroachment" issues include things that block or impede a portion of a street, roadway, or alley, such as:

  • piles of gravel or dirt
  • basketball hoops
  • skateboard ramps
  • piles of firewood
  • construction materials
  • snow pushed onto the roadway from private property

     Section 34.02.020. of the Bozeman Municipal Code states that streets, avenues, alleys and public places of the city, including sidewalks, shall at all times be kept free, clear and clean of all obstructions, debris, encumbrances and encroachments which hamper or interfere with the free and safe use thereof by the public.

Please be aware that, at times, a temporary permit is issued allowing for street encroachment.