Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Do I have to live within the City of Bozeman to work for the Bozeman Police Department?

    No. There is no requirement that officers live in the City limits or within a specific distance of the Law & Justice Center. When considering housing locations, officers should consider such things as seasonal road conditions.

  • Do officers get paid during training and while attending the Montana Law Enforcement Academy?

    Yes. Officers are paid from the day they are officially hired, the first day of their initial training.

  • Are officers required to purchase their own equipment or uniforms?

    No. The Bozeman Police Department provides all uniforms and equipment.

  • Are patrol officers assigned their own patrol vehicles?

    No. Most patrol vehicles are shared by officers from opposing shifts. Vehicles are left at the Law & Justice Center when not in use.

  • How long after the application closing date will I know if I’ve been selected for the testing and interview process?

    The application screening process generally takes 4-5 weeks. You’ll be contacted via phone or email soon after.

  • Can my written test scores or Montana Physical Abilities Test score be used from another process?

    No. We require each applicant to take both the written test and the Montana Physical Abilities Test during our hiring process to ensure equity. The only other scores we accept are MTLETC scores, as long as the applicant is currently on the eligibility list with an expiration date prior to September, 2016.

  • What is your policy regarding tattoos, piercings, grooming and overall appearance?