Bicycle Information

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Bicycle Registration Program

      Register your bicycle with the Bozeman Police Department online!

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Report An Abandoned Bicycle

     The Bozeman Police Department routinely receives reports of bicycles that have been abandoned on private property, public property, or left tied to a bicycle rack for an extended period of time.

     We have dedicated volunteers who will pick these bicycles up and attempt to locate the original owner. Please be aware they will be picked up as soon as possible, but there is not always a volunteer on duty who can respond immediately.

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City Bicycle Rules (Municipal Codes)

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Sec. 36.10.010. - Regulations applicable; responsibility of parents and guardians.
Sec. 36.10.020. - Traffic laws applicable.
Sec. 36.10.030. - Obedience to traffic control devices required.
Sec. 36.10.040. - Operation restrictions.
Sec. 36.10.050. - Riding on streets, roadways and bicycle paths; restrictions.
Sec. 36.10.060. - Speed limits.
Sec. 36.10.070. - Yield right-of-way upon crossing sidewalk or entering roadway.
Sec. 36.10.080. - Clinging to vehicles prohibited
Sec. 36.10.090. - Carrying articles; limitation
Sec. 36.10.100. – Parking
Sec. 36.10.110. - Riding on sidewalks; restrictions
Sec. 36.10.120. - Brakes and lights
Sec. 36.10.130. - Violation; penalty; violations by minors

Unclaimed Bicycle Donations


     Each year, the Bozeman Police Department collects over 100 bicycles from within the City limits. Some are observed and picked up by patrol officers, some are reported as being abandoned on people's property, and some are left chained to the bicycle racks in the downtown area. Although our volunteers make every effort to identify an owner, many are never reported lost or stolen and, therefore, unable to be matched with their owner. 

     In keeping with our mission of developing community partnerships and service to our citizens, any unclaimed bicycles are periodically donated to charitable organizations such as HRDC and The Bike Kitchen.