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About Signs

We understand that signs play an important roll in the success of your business. The content of a sign is not regulated by the City, however, the City has established dimensional and construction standards for all signs. Below are some sign guidelines, however, before beginning construction or relocation of a sign, please contact Community Development to ensure you are in compliance.

For multi-tenant buildings or complex please check with your landlord or the City to understand the comprehensive sign plan for the development.

Sign Guidelines

Comprehensive Sign Plans (Sec. 38.560.080)

Comprehensive Sign Plans are required for all commerical centers or buildings consisting of two or more tenant spaces on a lot.

Sign Permit Application - Sign Permits are required for signs in Commerical, Industrial, Mixed Use, RO and RMU Zoning Districts. Size and types of signs permitted are based on the building it will be on.

Temporary Sign Application - Temporary sign permits allow display for a total of 30 days, but not more than 15 consecutive days, within a 1 year period, or up to 60 days for a new business pending placement of a permanent sign. There is a $10 application fee for a temporary sign.

Window Signs - A window sign is any sign painted, attached, glued or otherwise affixed or suspended within 18 inches behind a window for the purpose of being visible from the exterior of the building. Window signs painted on the window or physically affixed to the interior of a window are exempt from permits, provided they do not occupy more than 25% of the area of the window in which it is displayed. If it exceeds 25% of the area of the window, it will be classified as a wall sign.

Prohibited Signs (Sec. 38.560.030) - Prohibited Signs include but are not limited to: roof signs, beacons, spotlights, flashing, blinking, animated, or LED signs, pennants, streamers, windsocks, stringed flags, inflatable signs, tethered balloons, and both temporary and permanent signs put up without a permit.

Other Signs

  • Temporary Real Estate, Political Campaign, or other noncommercial speech signs in residential zones, do not require permits, providing they are no larger than nine square feet or five feet in height. Only one sign per street frontage is allowed. Signs may not be placed on Public Property. These signs have additional specifications in other zones Please refer to Municipal Code Section 38.560.040 for size, quantity and placement guidelines.

  • Sandwich Board signs require a Sidewalk Encroachment Permit. These are only allowed in the downtown district and must be placed adjacent and perpendicular to the building within 4' of the business entrance. They cannot exceed 5' in height and 3' in width. The $10 permit must be renewed annually.