Short Term Rental Registration Portal & Instructions

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Please contact Ken Phillips at prior to submitting any new short term rental registrations

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Registration Portal


Short Term Rental Registration Process Steps


 Step One  Step Two  Step Three
 Pre-Registration  State & County Requirements  Begin Online Registration
Identify your STR Type and zone of STR property to determine eligibility.
•Do not skip this step!!
Apply for your Public Accommodations License with Gallatin County Health Dept.

Apply for a Lodging Tax ID with the MT Department of Revenue.
 Visit our registration portal to create a management profile for your STR(s).  

Once the profile is created, add a new license for the property you'd like to register (see below).



Step Four  Step Five  Step Six
 Registration  Upload Documents & Pay 
Create a license for each STR property.  When searching for the address, begin with the street name only (no number or additional information). 

Locate the exact address within the list of results.  If you do not see your address in the list, please contact us so that we may add it manually. 

Upload supporting documents for each property to your registration portal.

**NOTE: Registration review WILL NOT begin prior to a complete submittal with payment.

You will receive a letter upon approval of your STR.

Schedule your Vacation Rental Fire inspection via Bozeman Fire's page. 

**NOTE: You will need to have paid the fee in the registration portal and have a license number to reference for your appointment, otherwise we cannot complete your application. (BCA-#####)

Short Term Rental (STR) Registration Materials | What You’ll Need to Register

In order to register for a Short Term Rental (STR) you will need to submit certain information through the registration website. All persons registering must provide this information. Some of these items will require advance preparation before beginning the registration process. Please prepare the following before beginning the registration process:

  • Name of Property Owner
  • Property Owner Address
  • Name of Responsible Person (Representative /Manager) – If you are the owner and intend to manage the STR yourself enter your own information into this section.
  • Responsible Person phone
  • Responsible Person email
  • Responsible Person Address
  • Name of emergency contact – This needs to be a person available at all times during the rental period. There is an opportunity to put two different names and phone numbers.
  • Emergency contact phone number
  • Property address including unit or apartment number

  • Type of STR being registered – for FULL definitions see Section 38.360.250.D. of the municipal code
    • Type 1 (Owner present during rental)
    • Type 2 (Owner’s primary residence, duplex or ADU - owner not present during rental period)
    • Type 3 (Entire home, not owner’s primary residence) These are restricted from residential districts.

  • Zoning district – Short term rentals are only allowed in some zoning districts. The allowed districts are shown below. Type I STR are allowed in all districts, Type 2 are allowed in all but RS and R1, and Type 3 are not allowed in residential districts. If you don’t know what your property is zoned you may find out on the Community Development web viewer.


Residential Suburban District


Residential Low Density District


Residential  Moderate Density District


Residential Medium Density District


Residential High Density District


Residential Mixed-Use High Density District


Residential-Office District


Residential Emphasis Mixed-use District


Community Business District


Community Business District—Mixed


Central Business District


Urban Mixed-Use District


Northeast Historic Mixed-Use District


  • Sketch Plan of Property: This is a scaled drawing of your property showing the lot boundaries, building location, location and number of parking stalls. This will need to be uploaded as a digital file so please have that prepared before beginning the registration process. View an example of a sketch plan and floor plan here. You may also create a sketch plan using our Community Development Map Viewer tool.

  • Number of bedrooms – how may locations in the home are you proposing for people to sleep?

  • Number of parking spaces – how many parking spaces are available to guests? These can include spaces within a garage only if the guests will have access to the garage during their stay.

  • Maximum number of guests – not more than two guests per sleeping area are allowed.

  • Lodging Tax (Bed Tax) ID number: The Tax ID number is issued by the Montana Department of Revenue. You can find necessary forms and materials through their LODGING FACILITY SALES AND USE TAX page. If you have questions with the lodging (bed) tax process, please reach out to the MT Department of Revenue for Assistance.  You can reach them at (406) 444-6900; they also provide a  Lodging Tax Guide.

  • Fire Inspection - If you have already received a fire inspection please upload a digital file of the approved inspection. If you have not completed a fire inspection you will need to schedule one. The schedule is managed online at Bozeman Fire’s Please note: You will need to have paid the fee in the registration portal and have a license number to reference for your appointment, otherwise we cannot complete your application. If you are scheduling a fire inspection you do not need to upload any document at the time you submit the registration, but will later upload your approved fire inspection document.

    Fire inspection can be scheduled once registration information has been entered.  Registration will not be finalized until we have all of the required registration pieces and approval. Please see the Short Term Rental Inspection Checklist in order to prepare for your inspection. 

    **IMPORTANT: If you have not PAID for your fire inspection prior to scheduling, the appointment will be cancelled.  Please reference your STR license number (BCA-####) in a message to provider when scheduling**

    Accommodations License - A public accommodations license is issued by the Montana Department of Health and Human Services after inspection by the Gallatin City-County Health Department. You can find forms and application materials here. The registration fee as of June, 2018 is $294.00. 

    The Accommodations License can be applied for at the same time as your STR registration.  The approved accommodations license must be included with the STR registration. Approval will not be granted for the STR rental until Accommodations License has been finalized.  This license will also require a Fire Inspection, so please schedule your Fire Inspection after registration with the City.  Once we have documented Fire Inspection approval, Gallatin County Health Department will be able to utilize this to finalize the Accommodations License process.

  • Notice to Adjoining Residences - For those registering a Type 2 STR in a residential zoning district, you will need to have previously given notice of the intent to register to all adjacent properties. The City has created a form to enable you to do this. Complete the form and provide a copy by mail or in person to the residents of each adjacent property. An adjacent residence includes other homes in the same building or may be on adjacent lots including across streets or alleys. Click the link above for examples of adjacent residences in addition to the Notice form.
  • Registration process - In order to submit this information you will need to create an online account. . After creating the account you will be able to log into the registration website. Enter the required information you prepared as described above.

  • Fee - A registration fee is required. If the registration requires both a fire inspection and initial registration the fee is $475. If you already have an approved fire inspection the registration fee is $250. Fees are paid through the website by credit card.


Ordinance 1974, effective on December 1, 2017, established the current short term rental standards and procedures. Special procedures were included for the transition from earlier rules to the new ones. These were contained in sections 7 and 8 of the ordinance. The transition opportunities have expired. All applications for short term rentals must now follow all current standards and procedures.

  • STR Registration FAQs

    • Do I need to renew my registration?

    • File Upload: What files will be accepted?

    • How will I know if my STR has been approved?

    • My house was inspected recently as a new construction (Occupancy) – do I still need a fire inspection?

    • What if I can’t find the payment button?

    • What if my address isn’t listed when creating a license?

Short-Term Rental Complaint/Comment

If a home in your area is being rented as a vacation rentals (or other type of rental for less than 30 days a a time) use the button below to lodge a complaint if they are exceeding noise expectations, parking, garbage, or other issues.

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