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 Operations Update During COVID-19

  • Community Development is open 8 AM until 5 PM

  • Development Review Application submittal will still be digital.  Please visit Development Review Procedures During COVID 19

  • Some of our staff will continue to work remotely.  Please email zoning questions to and you will receive a response from a Planner.

  • Special Temporary Use Permit (STUP) fees are waived to support small businesses to allow more flexibility for special events or seating outdoors per .

  • For other updates on City services and closures city-wide visit Bozeman's COVID-19 page

Before You Apply

There are a couple of steps you can take prior to filling out an application:

  1. Locate the property on Bozeman's Community Development Map Viewer. Instructions on how to use the map are available on the Project Information Portal page

  2. Determine if your project is permitted per Bozeman's Zoning Districts and Land Uses..

  3. Review the Community Development Brochure(s) to help you understand the Development Review Process and determine which Development Applications you may need.

  4. Once you have determined that the project is permitted in your zone, please see below or visit the Sign Applications page for the appropriate forms for your project. 

  5. Check our main page under "Services During Specific Hours" to see whether your application should be submitted during Small Project Drop Off or whether it requires a Completeness Review.

Call the Planning Division at (406) 582-2260, Option #5 or Email with questions regarding the application process.

Development Review Applications & Required Forms

How to Determine Necessary Forms  

Nearly all applications require the Development Review Application (A1) as it acts as a cover sheet with contact information. See Below for some guidance on completing this form.

Below you will find applications and checklists for our Development Review process.  Please check the bottom of each application to see what other required forms you'll need.  An example of how this is displayed is below:

The above example shows a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) application,  which would require the A1 Development Review Application form (A1), Noticing Material Checklist (N1) and SP/SP1 (if the project is new construction).

Please reach out to our office if you need assistance determining which forms your project requires.


Completing the Development Review Application (A1) 

The Development Review Application form (A1) includes two new fillable image fields that you must provide images for:

1) The project image field is an image of your choosing that best represents the project. This could be a front elevation, a colored perspective of the building, a preliminary plat layout or site plan.

2) The vicinity map field  shows the project location and the larger vicinity around the project site with the street names identified so that your site can be shown in relation to the neighborhood that it is located in.

To upload images click into the image field and a dialogue box will open for you.

Fee Schedule

Amendment Applications and Checklists

General Application Materials

Subdivision Applications and Checklists

Zoning Applications and Checklists