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How to Appeal

Appeals may be made to the City Commission regarding final decisions by Staff in administering the Unified Development Code. Appeals may be made from either Interpretation of Ordinance or Decisions to Approve or Deny an application.

In order to appeal, a person must demonstrate that they are 'aggrieved' as defined in Section 38.42.080, of the Bozeman Municipal Code. An appeal places a hold on the execution of a project until the appeal is resolved.

Project Decision Appeals are described in Section 38.35.030, BMC. An appeal must be given to the City Clerk within 10 business days of the date of the decision being appealed. This must include the formal appeal documentation and fee.

   Administrative Project Decision Appeal Application (APA)

Interpretations of Code Appeals are described in Section 38.35.040, BMC. The formal appeal documentation and fee must be submitted to the City Clerk within 30 calendar days of the date of the interpretation being appealed.

For more information regarding appeals, please Contact the Department of Community Development.