Downtown Garage & Lot Permits

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To request a parking permit for the Bridger Downtown Parking Garage, Black Lot, Rouse Lot, or N. Willson Lot, please call 406-582-2337, or write .

Bridger Garage - Main                    $80/month

Black Lot                                         $60/month

Rouse Lot                                        $60/month

N. Willson Lot                                  $60/month

ALL garage and surface lot parking permits are governed by the Parking Permit Policy 2019 approved by the Bozeman Parking Commission.

It is the responsibility of the permit holder to manage the license plate(s) attached to their garage or surface lot permits. If not kept current, a citation may result. For assistance establishing a 'parking portal' account for this purpose, contact the Finance Department at 406-582-2337.