Parking Technology Project 2018

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The first week of T2 implementation went really well for the Parking Services Division. Approximately 85% of the garage technology installation is complete, with the remaining items expected to be complete by Friday, 5/18/18. Two days of additional on-site staff training will occur the week of 5/21/18, at which point the Bridger Park Downtown Garage should be fully functional (with LPR systems).

The Parking Enforcement Officers are utilizing the new mobile enforcement application, and in-car LPR systems, to enforce the time-limited and permit districts. They are still getting acclimated to new procedures, but learning quickly.

The Finance Department continues to complete necessary steps for loading monthly and annual parking permit information (customer data and license plates), and expects to complete the first permit billing later this week.

There is still some work left to do, but things are moving forward in a positive manner!

For more information, contact Ed Meece, Parking Program Manager, 406-582-2903. 



In early May, the City of Bozeman will deploy cutting-edge technology that completely changes how public parking is managed and enforced in Bozeman. With $500,000 in funding from the Downtown Tax Increment Finance District, the Parking Services Division is replacing the current access/payment equipment at the Bridger Park Downtown Garage, and changing enforcement, appeal, and business office operations. At the core of this project is a transition to License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology. Bozeman's new LPR system uses virtual rather than paper or sticker permits; increases the speed and accuracy of enforcement; and provides citizens the ability to manage their parking needs through an on-line portal.

The City's new parking technology uses the Flex data platform from T2 Systems, and is scalable to accommodate the needs of Bozeman's dynamic public parking system. The City of Bozeman is excited to introduce this new technology to our community, enhancing the public parking experience for citizens, businesses, and visitors.

 Keep an eye on this page for project updates. For more information contact Ed Meece, Parking Program Manager, at 406-582-2903, or

Customers will have the ability to manage their existing parking permits, join permit waiting lists, modify their information ( such as their address etc.), pay a citation, file an appeal, and look at a complete vehicle history (including permits, citations, and appeals) through the new online customer portal.


No more gates. Starting in early May, the new fixed license plate recognition (LPR) system at the Bridger Park Downtown Garage will scan license plates entering and exiting the garage. Customers will have 2 hours of free parking, however, when that time has elapsed enforcement officers will be notified immediately. Customers in need of more than 2 hours parking should visit a Pay Station (located at street level in each stairwell) with their license plate number and credit card before exiting the garage. At the Pay Station, customers will have the opportunity to request a text message alerting them that their parking is about to expire and providing the opportunity to pay for more time remotely, without needing to return to the garage.

From an online portal, Monthly/Annual permit holders to the Bridger Downtown Parking Garage will be able to modify the license plates attached to their 'virtual' parking permit - as well as other relevant customer information.

By reducing the time needed to enter/exit the garage, the LPR system prevents long customer lines and reduces idling in the garage.

Utilizing mobile LPR technology, mounted on enforcement vehicles, Parking Enforcement Officers will be able to enforce parking in overtime/permit districts and the garage and surface lots quickly, while increasing accuracy. This increased staff productivity will allow the Parking Services Division to provide more proactive parking enforcement community-wide—without the need for additional staff.

Citizens will be able to view a parking citation, and accompanying pictures, prior to filing an appeal. In addition, customers will be able to see the complete enforcement/appeals history for a specific vehicle.