Parking Permit Districts

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A new way to manage on-street parking

 UPDATED 5/22/19

     At the direction of the Bozeman City Commission, the Bozeman Parking Commission continues to implement new strategies for the effective management of on-street parking. These strategies are especially important in areas where on-street parking resources are shared by commercial and residential areas, and need to be accessible to multiple user groups (residents, customers, employees, etc.).As a result, the Bozeman Parking Commission, and staff of the Parking Services Division, have researched successful practices for on-street public parking management in other communities, and developed a Parking Permit District'  (PPD) concept for potential application in Bozeman.  

     At this time, the PPD concept is being considered for initial application in residential areas to the immediate North and South of the downtown business district (B-3). However, there are other areas in the community where the PPD might be considered for use as well. The creation of new PPD's will first require legislative action by the Bozeman City Commission - enacting both the rules and procedures for the creation and operation of new PPD's and the geographic boundaries of a new PPD.

     The Bozeman Parking Commission is very interested in engaging a meaningful discussion regarding the Parking Permit District concept with any interested citizens and stakeholders. For this reason, the Bozeman Parking Commission held three public forums to present the Parking Permit District concept, as it currently stands, and receive public input for how it might improved. Thirty-seven citizens attended one of these engagement opportunities, with several more providing commentary by email or phone.

 At their June 13, 2019, 7:30 am, meeting, the Bozeman Parking Commission will receive a summary report of the public listening sessions and outline timeline for further revision of the PPD concept AND moving final recommendations to the City Commission for consideration and potential action.