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Public Parking Facilities:

 The Parking Division manages the following public parking facilities:

  • Parking Garage
    • Bridger Park Downtown Garage (26 E. Mendenhall)
  • Off-Street Lots
    • 1 lot on Rouse Ave.
    • 2 lots on Willson Ave
    • 1 lot on Black Ave

bridger park map

Downtown Parking Rates:


  • On-Street - Limited to two hours of FREE parking; after 2 hours, in the same place, parking citation is issued.
  • Garage Hourly Rates - First 2 hours are FREE - $1/hour thereafter


  • Surface Lot Monthly Rates - $45
  • Garage Monthly Rates - $60 Regular - $70 basement
  • 10% Discount for annual permits

"Rolling Rule"

On street parking and city lots are convenient spaces for folks doing business in downtown Bozeman. That's why we limit the time for free parking during the business day. In 2003, the Bozeman City Commission adopted a new law to prevent someone from moving their vehicle within the same block or parking lot to avoid the time limit. Moving your vehicle within the same 'block face' - or city parking lot - to avoid the 2 hour limit, or leaving to return to the same block face or lot within 3 hours, may result in an overtime parking fine. (Section 36.04.260 Bozeman Municipal Code)

48 Hour Violations

The City of Bozeman requires that all vehicles parked on city streets move every 48 hours (Section 36.04.260 Bozeman Municipal Code). This is necessary to be sure that the public streets are being used for appropriate parking, not the long term storage of vehicles, campers, etc. The Parking Services Division enforces this regulation with a $30 citation. After the issuance of two (2) consecutive citations, a vehicle will be turned over to the Code Enforcement Division to be towed off the street. For more information on "48 hour" violations contact Ed Meece, Parking Program Manager.

 Bozeman Parking Commission

Information on the Bozeman Parking Commission can be found on the city's advisory board information page.

Parking Commission Minutes and Parking Commission Agendas can also be found in the city's online repository.   

Advertising in Downtown Parking Garage 

The City of Bozeman has an excellent opportunity to advertise in the downtown parking garage. With 15-20,00 visitors annually, this is an economical way to provide high visibility to your business or  event. Contact Mary at Alpha Graphics, 406-580-3158 for more        information. Bozeman Parking Garage Flyer