How to become a Neighborhood Association

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Process to form a City Recognized Neighborhood Association

  1. Complete the Neighborhood Association Application form and submit to the Neighborhood Coordinator.
  2. Once the Neighborhood Coordinator has received and reviewed the application, a date for the first meeting will be established and a meeting space will be reserved.
  3. The agenda for the first meeting will include presentations from City departments or representatives that the neighborhood would like to hear from, adoption of by-laws and boundaries, and the election of a steering committee. One member will be selected to be the InterNeighborhood Council (INC) representative, which is the citizen advisory board to the City Commission that represents all Neighborhood Associations.
  4. The City of Bozeman pays up to $300 towards the public notice for the first meeting. This is typically a postcard that will invite all households located within the proposed boundary to the first meeting.
  5. After the meeting, the by-laws, boundary map, a copy of the public notice, a copy of the minutes, and a copy of the sign-in sheet are to be submitted to the Neighborhood Coordinator.
  6. At the next monthly INC meeting, the application and other materials will be reviewed for approval as a City Recognized Neighborhood Association.
  7. Every year the neighborhood association is required to host an annual meeting with up to $300 towards the public notice. In addition, an annual report of the activities from the year are to be submitted to the Neighborhood Coordinator.