Good Neighbor Initiative

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Montana State University and the City of Bozeman are involved in many joint projects and initiatives to encourage collaboration and community between the City’s residents and MSU’s changing and growing student population. 

The Good Neighbor Committee (GNC) is a collaborative effort between Montana State University, the City of Bozeman and other community partners. Our focus is promoting positive neighborly behaviors and encouraging engagement between community residents and students.

Please take a look at the Good Neighbor Committee's webpage on the Montana State University website:


  • Good Neighbor Day 
  • Off Campus Living Fair: February 10th, 2021 - 2-5pm in the Strand Union Building, Ballroom A
  • Off-Campus Life Parent Webinar and email education series
  • Off-Campus Living social media campaign for first time student renters
  • Community Outreach to promote positive relationships between Bozeman residents and student neighbors.
  • Door hangers - distributed to neighborhoods with a high student population and includes community information and incentives