Neighborhoods Program

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Neighborhoods are a fundamental way for residents to connect with one another, with the broader community, and with City information, resources, staff, and leadership. The Neighborhoods Program helps Bozeman residents shape our community by assisting in organizing projects and events with Neighborhood Associations, sustaining local partnerships, and collaborating across city departments.

The City of Bozeman Neighborhoods Program was created in 2007 to:

  1. Enhance communication between Bozeman residents and the City
  2. Foster partnership, cooperation, and consensus among diverse interests
  3. Offer opportunities for public participation in city processes
  4. Help the City and residents develop solutions to mutual problems
  5. Recognize the sense of stewardship and pride of residents towards their neighborhoods

Check out this map to view the boundaries of each of Bozeman's 14 designated Neighborhood Associations. 


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