Municipal Court FAQ

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  • Where is the Bozeman Municipal Court located?
  • How do I appear in open court?
  • When is my citation payment due?
  • How much is my citation?
  • How do I pay my citation?
  • I went online to pay my traffic citation and it says I need to appear in court. Why?
  • I don't think I'm guilty. How do I challenge a citation?
  • I don't live in Bozeman. Do I have to drive there in order to appear?
  • How do I get records from an old case/citation?
  • Will I get paid to be a Juror?
  • Am I exempt from Jury Duty?
  • How do I become qualified to be a juror?
  • What if a jury trial gets cancelled? How do jurors know for sure to appear?
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