Historic Preservation

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     With 10 unique historic districts and 46 individually listed properties on the National Register of Historic Places, the City of Bozeman Preservation Program serves to provide guidance, information, and technical assistance to property owners, community partners and those interested in Bozeman’s historic built environment.

     Historic Preservation is an established priority of city planning in Bozeman. Preservation goes beyond saving old buildings, it creates a unique sense of place, a sense of community and bridges the gap between the past and our future. Preservation is about recognizing and celebrating what our community values and ensuring it can be enjoyed by future generations. 

2020/21 Historic Architecture Survey Work 

As the 2019/20 historic architecture survey work is finishing up the city of Bozeman Community Development is continuing with local resource cultural resource management firm Metcalf Archaeological Consultants, Inc. Together the city and Metcalf plan to update the downtown B-3 Zone District survey records. Previous attempts have been made to update the existing 1983/84 survey forms for the downtown. Most recently in 2014, 108 properties within the downtown were surveyed. In 2020/21 staff plans to ensure all properties within the B-3 will have an updated Montana Historic Property Record form. All property owners will be informed of the proposed survey work and given a chance to comment on the Property Card that is produced. 

B-3 Zoning District Survey Area 

2019/20 Historic Architecture Survey Work 

The city of Bozeman Community Development department has recently contracted with local cultural resource management firm Metcalf Archaeological Consultants, Inc. (Metcalf) to begin an update of existing Cultural Resource Survey forms of individual properties throughout Bozeman. This cultural resource survey is a proactive step in providing reliable data for our current planning needs. The last, large-scale survey was completed in 1986. With all the changes since then, much of the data is outdated and insufficient for modern use. 

As the first step in a multi-year architectural cultural resource survey, the B2-M district along N.7th Ave. and surrounding area have been selected as the priority area for survey. Approximately 128 properties will be evaluated for cultural and historic significance and neighborhood character elements.The survey work is scheduled to be completed in early 2020. Property owners will be notified of a new or updated Montana Historic Property Record form and provided with an opportunity to comment on it.

All existing Montana Historic Property Record forms can be found below on the Architecture Inventory Map. 

Proposed Survey Areas

Professional Services Agreement 

Neighborhood Conservation Overlay District & Historic Preservation Program

     The City of Bozeman adopted the Neighborhood Conservation Overlay District (NCOD) in 1991. The goal of the zoning overlay is to conserve neighborhood character, protect the integrity of historic structures and provide public notice to adjoining property owners of potential changes. The Bozeman Design Guidelines for Historic Preservation & Neighborhood Conservation Overlay District provide guidelines for appropriate work within the NCOD, Historic Districts and Individually Listed Properties. 

Bozeman's History and Architecture

Architecture Inventory Map

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Bozeman Sanborn Maps (1884-1891)


Access full size Historic Sanborn Maps

      The Sanborn Map Company published fire insurance maps of U.S. cities and towns in the late 19th and 20th centuries. These maps can now be used for historic research of the historic built environment. 

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