Residential Collections

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 The City of Bozeman offers weekly residential garbage collection services to residential property  owners and renters within Bozeman city limits.

 Because everyone has different needs, we have a wide variety of containers (totes) available – everything from 35 gallon to 450-gallon totes.

Garbage Collection Monthly Rates

Garbage Collection Monthly Rate

Tote Size

 Service  Charge

35/45 gal


65 gal


100 gal


220 gal


300 gal


450 gal


35 gal / 1-pick up *


* One time per month collection available for 35-gallon totes only. Please contact us at 582-3200 for more information.

Garbage collection typically happens one time per week and you will be assigned your "garbage" day. During weeks where there is a national holiday, collection service days may be changed as city offices and services will be closed on the holiday. If your collection day falls on a holiday or in the days after, your collection day will be one day later than normal (example: if your collection day is on Monday and it is also a national holiday, we will do your collection on Tuesday just for that week).

For more information on revised collection days due to holidays, please give us a call at 582-3200 or see Holiday Schedules.