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Bulky Item Pickup

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Moving Out? Don't Curb Your Crap

     It might seem like no big deal to leave an old couch or desk outside when you move, but abandoned furnishings can create safety and health hazards. Plus, dumping is illegal. Do the right thing! If you can’t donate or sell your stuff, have the City of Bozeman come pick it up. We’ll dispose of it responsibly, and we’ll thank you for being a good citizen.

     During the month of May 2020, MSU and the City of Bozeman are partnering to help you get rid of bulky items*. The normal $10 charge will be waived if you schedule a pickup by clicking the button below**.

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* Must be within Bozeman City Limits. Must be a current MSU Student.

** If you are not a current MSU student or wish for a pickup before or after May 2020 the cost for a bulky item pickup is $10 per item. Simply give us a call at 406.582.2332 to schedule your pickup.