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2020 Lott O' Trees

The Lott O’ Trees Program was developed to diversify our urban forest. Planting a wider variety of tree species will ensure a healthier forest, avoiding problems that are specific to a single species, genus, or plant family.

The Forestry Division was awarded a 2020 DNRC grant to plant six trial species, uncommon to this region. A total of 26 trees will be given to lottery winners, following the inspection and approval of proposed sites. Each tree will be planted by Forestry staff and will include a mulch ring, support stakes, a water bag if needed, and an interpretive tag to provide education for the public. Each experimental species will be evaluated for suitability as a boulevard tree.

*Note: Tree species will be selected based on site conditions.


The 2020 Lott O' Trees drawing has ended. Winners will be notified via phone/email. 


This will be our third year continuing the Lott O' Trees program. View previous years' plantings with our interactive Lott O' Trees map! We have the location and info for each tree (2020 trees will be added as we plant).

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