Tree Inventory

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     We are hard at work on our Tree Inventory. The Forestry Division tracks attributes for each boulevard and park tree. We currently have 24,000 trees in the inventory and are constantly updating our data! Recently we worked with inventory specialists and new software from the City’s GIS Department to help us inventory our assets. View the current tree inventory from our Live Viewer below.


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Why have a Tree Inventory?


  • Live Tracking – We can make updates – pruning work, storm damage, tree removals, and new trees planted – in real time, with no paperwork.
  • The Big Picture – We’ll finally have a true number of all the trees we manage. Knowing distribution of size, age, and species will let us make better management decisions.
  • Public Interaction – Though we’re responsible for maintenance, public trees belong to everyone. The Public Viewer lets everyone see the inventory, so you can learn more about your Urban Forest.