Short Term Rentals (STR)

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Bozeman Fire Inspections

STR Fire Inspection 

 If you have already received a fire inspection please upload a digital file of the approved inspection. If you have not completed a fire inspection you will need to schedule one. If you are scheduling a fire inspection you do not need to upload any document at the time you submit the registration.

Fire inspection can be scheduled once registration information has been entered.  Registration will not be finalized until we have all of the required registration pieces and approval. Please see the Short Term Rental Inspection Checklist in order to prepare for your inspection.  If you are going through the CUP Process, please submit a self-certification form in order to operate while your CUP application is being processed. 


After more than a year of public review and 1,000 public comments, the City Commission adopted regulations for Short Term Rentals (formerly known as extended stay lodgings or vacation rentals). The new regulations, included in Ordinance 1974 , took effect on December 1, 2017.

All new Short Term Rentals must comply with the new regulations. Previously approved extended stay lodgings must comply with the new regulations as they need to renew licensing with the City or other agency.


The new regulations include an opportunity for existing users who may not be presently approved to seek approval subject to the new regulations. Depending on the zoning district your property is located in, a conditional use permit may be required if the property was not previously approved as an STR. Additional information on registration is included in the frequently asked questions section.

The online Short Term Rental Registration Portal registration portal is now available.

Additional items to consider 

The City of Bozeman registration process does not address every issue which may be applicable to operation of a short term rental, including but not limited to taxes, insurance, health code, and other legal issues outside of the City’s regulations. Persons interested in having a short term rental should also check mortgage or lease/rental terms, home owner covenants, and insurance policies as standard homeowner's insurance may not cover short-term rental use. Check to make sure you have adequate home, personal property, and liability insurance. If you have tax, insurance, health code, or legal questions please consult an appropriate professional. The City of Bozeman does not advise on issues related to short term rentals other than its own regulations.