Fire Prevention and Public Education

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Operated by the Fire Marshal Division

Firefighter in turnout gear giving kids high fives

The Bozeman Fire Department Division of Fire Prevention and Public Education is devoted to safety and fire education in our community.  As the community changes in both demographics and technology Bozeman Fire has expanded their ways of reaching the public in a variety of ways.

A few ways the department gets in contact with the community include special events and safety fairs, mass media, social media, and community safety campaigns.  We also offer speakers for presentations at schools and businesses, and scheduled firehouse tours for both adults and children.

Call 406-582-2350 during normal business hours to schedule your event with our administration staff.


Rental Safety Initiative

The City of Bozeman has established a Voluntary Rental Unit Safety Inspection Initiative. The program is intended to provide prospective renters with information on rental properties and units that have been voluntarily inspected for health and safety standards on the basis of accepted community safety guidelines. These inspections will be at no cost and conducted, in most cases, by the Bozeman Fire Department.

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