Fire / EMS Training

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In order to meet all requirements set forth by the Bozeman Fire Department based on ISO, NFPA, and OSHA standards, each company participates in a minimum of 20 hours of company level training per month.  In addition, each company will participate in department offered training as scheduled by the full time appointed training officer.

Effective and consistent training delivery is necessary for the successful operations of the Bozeman Fire Department.  To that end, it is imperative that departmental training is instituted with continuity between each shift.  In an effort to achieve continuity, each training category identified has a cadre of instructors assigned.  This cadre is responsible, with assistance from the Training Officer, to develop lesson plans and implement appropriate training from their subject matter.  Each lesson plan will account for the safe delivery of training to all members of the department.  These lesson plans will be reviewed by the leadership team before they are delivered to the department. 

Firefighter coming out of building with hose

Company and Individual Minimum Training Hours

 Each company is responsible for a minimum number of training hours each month.  This training is then logged for each participating member. 

Company level training is outlined in the annual training plan by month.  Categories and objectives are identified, and as our training programs are built, resources will be attached to the training plan. 

Department offered training is scheduled out for the year based upon the same categories identified by month.  This training is led by instructor cadres.  Department offered training will include company, shift, and certain academy style courses. 

Outside training will be offered throughout the year and is subject to change based on availability of courses offered.  Training is planned as early as possible and listed on the ATP.  The following are some examples of outside training that the department participates:

  • FDIC

  • Northwest Leadership

  • IAFC – HazMat

  • Continuing Challenge – HazMat

  • ISFSI: Instructor Conference

  • Fire Rescue International

  • FireHouse Expo

  • CPSE

  • FireHouse World

  • EMS World

 The 2018 training plan acts as a path for all personnel to maintain current certifications.  This plan takes into account minimum continuing education hours as needed based on certifications the Department maintains.  There are multiple opportunities to attend certification courses, and other outside training throughout the year, and the training plan will continually be updated as dates and availability are worked out.Firefighters on roof top

Quarterly Company Standards

Bozeman Fire Department has identified a set of minimum company standards (MCS) that are required for competency for each member in Operations.  The current MCS topics are reviewed and revised to reflect the current operations of the department.  These standards are then incorporated into quarterly drills.  Company officers are responsible for ensuring their crews adequately perform these standards.  These drills are important for continued proficiency in Bozeman Fire Operations, and drills are designed to maintain competency.

As all things in the fire service, this plan is dynamic and may be modified throughout the year as training opportunities arise and the department refines its training goals.  The management of the ATP is the responsibility of the Deputy Chief of Operations and the Training Officer.  It is the responsibility of all personnel to ensure the components of this plan are utilized to balance training and field operations.