Fire Department Operations

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When our prevention efforts aren’t enough and an emergency or request for service comes in to the Bozeman Fire Department, the 42 members of the Operations Division stand ready to answer the call.  Through our training, preparedness, experience, physical fitness, professionalism and a willingness to serve, we answered 4600 emergency and non-emergency calls for service in 2018.  As Bozeman continues to grow, so do those requests for service. 

In addition to fire, rescue and medical calls, Bozeman Firefighters must be prepared and equipped to handle other special incidents like a hazardous materials release, trench rescue, rope rescue or vehicle extrication among others.  This diverse mission and not knowing what the next call will involve, requires our members to train for anything and everything.  To comply with training requirements set forth by agencies such as the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Centers for Public Safety Excellence (CPSE) and Insurance Services Office (ISO), each firefighter must complete 240 hours of training throughout the year.   Training is the foundation for operational readiness and firefighter safety so naturally, it is a priority for the Bozeman Fire Department-Operations Division.  Currently ALL Members are a minimum of Emergency Medical Technicians with 14 at the Paramedic level. All Bozeman line personnel are certified to the minimum of  Nationally recognized; Firefighter I,  Firefighter II, Fire Instructor I  and Company Officer I.  We take great pride in our progressive approach to continuing education in the fire service and how it better serves our community. 

The Bozeman Fire Department is prepared to handle a hazardous materials incident not only in Bozeman but in the State of Montana.  Bozeman Haz Mat team Being DecontaminatedOur firefighters make up one of 6 regional teams strategically located throughout the State.  These teams deal with hazardous material incidents when requested by the State Disaster and Emergency Services Office. 

Our Haz Mat team has 18 members trained as Technicians while the remainder of the Department is trained to the Operations level.  In addition, our members assist with training and technical advice to other departments in the region and across the state




When not answering calls for service or training, firefighters spend time inspecting and maintaining equipment, maintaining a level of physical fitness, conducting fire inspections, delivering public education messages and many other community related duties. 

Car seats have been a mainstay for Bozeman Firefighters for over 13 years.  What may seem like a small program in complexity has been a way that we have been able to engage the community and improve the safety of our community.  In 2016, we performed 299 child safety seat checks.  Our personnel are nationally certified to perform child safety seat checks.  Nationally, four out of five car seats are installed improperly.  The Bozeman Fire Department works hard in our community to solve this problem on a local level.

2018 was a busy year for Bozeman Firefighters in terms of demand for service.  As that demand continues to increase, so does our level of dedication and commitment to making Bozeman a safe community to live, work and play in.  We are always ready and proud to serve our community and those who call it home, as well those who visit!