Confined Space & Trench Rescue

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Confined space rescue is a component of the Bozeman Fire Department and the Hazardous Materials Response Team. Confined space rescue includes any type of incident where a patient is entrapped in a situation presenting Firefighter being lowered into confined spaceminimum clearances and/or hazardous atmospheres. If a patient can not be removed by conventional methods, confined space procedures are used.

The high pace of construction in our area increases the likelihood of these types of calls occurring. Confined space emergencies range from trench collapses to maintenance workers in liquid storage vessels, tunnels, or places where egress is diminished. OSHA closely regulates fire departments as they respond to these types of emergency incidents.

As we continue to upgrade our training and response capabilities in these areas we will  continue to work closely with the Water Department to staff and equip a City-wide trench collapse response capability.