Advanced Life Support (Non-Transporting)

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The Bozeman Fire Department is licensed at the Advanced Life Support non-transporting level. In fiscal year 2010 we responded to 1482 calls for emergency medical service.
Our highly trained Paramedics provide critical pre-hospital invasive procedures including intubation, intravenous fluid and medication administration, defibrillation with cardio version and external pacing. Our EMT-Intermediates/Advanced can provide the same services with the exception of certain drug administration.

Medically trained personnel at the Bozeman Fire Department include the following as members of the National Registry:

  • 11 Paramedics
  • 9 EMT-Intermediate/Advanced
  • 26 Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT's)

Fire Department ALS equipment includes Life Pack 15 defibrillator/monitors, I.V. administration kits, blood glucose monitors, narcotics/medications, and intubation kits.

 In cooperation with American Medical Response (AMR) Bozeman Fire can supplement the cities coverage with 2 Ambulance units, Bozeman Medic 1 and Medic 3.  If all AMR units are assigned AMR  through dispatch can request Bozeman Fire to respond using one of the two ambulance and provide care and transport to the areas hospital Bozeman Medical, a level 3 trauma center.