Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Are there any costs for Bozeman Fires services for residents of the City of Bozeman?

  • Can I have a small recreational fire at home?

  • Does the Bozeman Fire assist in car seat installations?

  • How do I become a Bozeman fire fighter?

  • How do I become an EMT?

  • How do I purchase a burn permit?

  • I own a vacant structure that needs to be demolished. Can the Fire Department use it for training?

  • Is there a community room available to use?

  • The Fire alarm in my building may sound for long periods and nothing happens

  • What is the ISO rating for Bozeman Fire?

  • Who should I contact to arrange a station tour?

  • Why do I occasionally see Firefighters on Bicycles?

  • When is it legal to use fireworks in Bozeman city limits?